Let’s talk about something here. Onision.
Some of you hate him, some of you don’t, and VERY few of you choose not to tell him what you hate about him. I understand that he does some things that YOU may not like. Although, here is my point, Onision is… I can’t sugarcoat this. He is more popular than you, he has better things to do than respond to your hateful opinions, he does do stupid shit and some thing I don’t really like, but I don’t bother, because he is more successful that I will ever be. He has more fans than I will ever have. And if you haven’t noticed by now, he does warn you about things he will say because he has a dark sense of humor that is funny sometimes. Sure, you think its bad he jokes about rape. Does he really care about your opinion on his jokes? I don’t think so. My point here is, he isn’t gonna care if you hate him, or whatever you have to say about how rude his jokes are. Hell, he has a bunch of fans who tell him how much they love him on a daily basis. So, I hope you realize he’s too busy making videos, loving his fans, and caring for his wife, to give a shit about your opinion. Kay? Thank you.

Okay. Doesn’t care about haters. Because there’s isn’t a shit ton of videos of him making videos of him crying about them. Nope.

Nope. Doesn’t care. Doesn’t give two shits.

- Nebby